JMLR Workshop and Conference Proceedings
Volume 18: Proceedings of KDD Cup 2011

Editors: Gideon Dror, Yehuda Koren, Markus Weimer
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The Yahoo! Music Dataset and KDD-Cup’11
G. Dror, N. Koenigstein, Y. Koren & M. Weimer; JMLR W&CP 18:3–18, 2012.
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Track 1

A Linear Ensemble of Individual and Blended Models for Music Rating Prediction
P.-L. Chen et al; JMLR W&CP 18:21–60, 2012.
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Collaborative Filtering Ensemble
M. Jahrer & A. Töscher; JMLR W&CP 18:61–74, 2012.
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Rating Prediction with Informative Ensemble of Multi-Resolution Dynamic Models
Z. Zheng, T. Chen, N. Liu, Q. Yang & Y. Yu; JMLR W&CP 18:75–97, 2012.
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Track 2

Novel Models and Ensemble Techniques to
Discriminate Favorite Items from Unrated Ones for Personalized Music Recommendation
T.G. McKenzie et al; JMLR W&CP 18:101–135, 2012.
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Hybrid Recommendation Models for Binary User Preference Prediction Problem
S. Lai, Y. Liu, H. Gu, L. Xu, K. Liu, S. Xiang, J. Zhao, R. Diao, L. Xiang, H. Li & D. Wang; JMLR W&CP 18:137–151, 2012.
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Collaborative Filtering Ensemble for Ranking
M. Jahrer & A. Töscher; JMLR W&CP 18:153–167, 2012.
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Taxonomy-Informed Latent Factor Models for Implicit Feedback
A. Mnih; JMLR W&CP 18:169–181, 2012.
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Feature Engineering in User’s Music Preference Prediction
J. Xie, S. Leishman, L. Tian, D. Lisuk, S. Koo & M. Blume; JMLR W&CP 18:183–197, 2012.
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Combining Predictors for Recommending Music: the False Positives’ approach to KDD Cup track 2
S. Balakrishnan et al; JMLR W&CP 18:199–213, 2012.
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Committee Based Prediction System for Recommendation: KDD Cup 2011, Track2
H. Zhang, E. Riedl, V. Petrushin, S. Pal & J. Spoelstra; JMLR W&CP 18:215–229, 2012.
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Personalized Ranking for Non-Uniformly Sampled Items
Z. Gantner, L. Drumond, C. Freudenthaler & L. Schmidt-Thieme; JMLR W&CP 18:231–247, 2012.
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The Love-Hate Square Counting Method for Recommender Systems
J.S. Kong, K. Teague & J. Kessler; JMLR W&CP 18:249–261, 2012.
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