JMLR Workshop and Conference Proceedings
Volume 25: Asian Conference on Machine Learning

Editors: Steven C.H. Hoi and Wray Buntine


S.C.H. & W. Buntine; JMLR W&CP 25:i-xvii, 2012

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A Note on Metric Properties for Some Divergence Measures: The Gaussian Case

K.T. Abou-Moustafa & F.P. Ferrie; JMLR W&CP 25:1-15, 2012.

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Multiresolution Mixture Modeling using Merging of Mixture Components

P.R. Adhikari & J. Hollmén; JMLR W&CP 25:17-32, 2012.

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Learning Latent Variable Models by Pairwise Cluster Comparison

N. Asbeh & B. Lerner; JMLR W&CP 25:33-48, 2012.

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Local Kernel Density Ratio-Based Feature Selection for
Outlier Detection

F. Azmandian, J.G. Dy, J.A. Aslam & D.R. Kaeli; JMLR W&CP 25:49-64, 2012.

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A Coupled Indian Buffet Process Model for Collaborative Filtering

S.P. Chatzis; JMLR W&CP 25:65-79, 2012.

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A Ranking-based KNN Approach for Multi-Label Classification

T.-H. Chiang, H.-Y. Lo & S.-D. Lin; JMLR W&CP 25:81-96, 2012.

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AIC and BIC based approaches for SVM parameter value estimation with RBF kernels

S. Demyanov, J. Bailey, K. Ramamohanarao & C. Leckie; JMLR W&CP 25:97-112, 2012.

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Online Learning of a Dirichlet Process Mixture of Generalized Dirichlet Distributions for Simultaneous Clustering and Localized Feature Selection

W. Fan & N. Bouguila; JMLR W&CP 25:113-128, 2012.

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A stochastic bandit algorithm for scratch games

R. Féraud & T. Urvoy; JMLR W&CP 25:129-143, 2012.

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Max-Margin Ratio Machine

S. Gu & Y. Guo; JMLR W&CP 25:145-157, 2012.

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Learning Temporal Association Rules on Symbolic Time Sequences

M. Guillame-Bert & J.L. Crowley; JMLR W&CP 25:159-174, 2012.

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More Is Better: Large Scale Partially-supervised Sentiment Classication

Y. Haimovitch, K. Crammer & S. Mannor; JMLR W&CP 25:175-190, 2012.

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Frustratingly Simplified Deployment in WLAN Localization by Learning from Route Annotation

R. Kawajiri, M. Shimosaka, R. Fukui & T. Sato; JMLR W&CP 25:191-204, 2012.

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Variational Bayesian Matching

A. Klami; JMLR W&CP 25:205-220, 2012.

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Active Learning with Hinted Support Vector Machine

C.-L. Li, C.-S. Ferng & H.-T. Lin; JMLR W&CP 25:221-235, 2012.

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A Convex-Concave Relaxation Procedure Based Subgraph Matching Algorithm

Z.-Y. Liu & H. Qiao; JMLR W&CP 25:237-252, 2012.

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Key Instance Detection in Multi-Instance Learning

G. Liu, J. Wu & Z.-H. Zhou; JMLR W&CP 25:253-268, 2012.

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On Using Nearly-Independent Feature Families for High Precision and Confidence

O. Madani, M. Georg & D.A. Ross; JMLR W&CP 25:269-284, 2012.

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Learning and Model-Checking Networks of I/O Automata

H. Mao & M. Jaeger; JMLR W&CP 25:285-300, 2012.

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Sparse Additive Matrix Factorization for Robust PCA
and Its Generalization

S. Nakajima, M. Sugiyama & S.D. Babacan; JMLR W&CP 25:301-316, 2012.

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Statistical Models for Exploring Individual Email Communication Behavior

N. Navaroli, C. DuBois & P. Smyth; JMLR W&CP 25:317-332, 2012.

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QBoost: Large Scale Classifier Training with
Adiabatic Quantum Optimization

H. Neven, V.S. Denchev, G. Rose & W.G. Macready; JMLR W&CP 25:333-348, 2012.

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Recovering Networks from Distance Data

S. Prabhakaran, K.J. Metzner, A. Böhm & V. Roth; JMLR W&CP 25:349-364, 2012.

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Topographic Analysis of Correlated Components

H. Sasaki, M.U. Gutmann, H. Shouno & A. Hyvärinen; JMLR W&CP 25:365-378, 2012.

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Improved sequence classification using adaptive segmental sequence alignment

S. Shariat & V. Pavlovic; JMLR W&CP 25:379-394, 2012.

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Supervised dimension reduction with topic models

K. Than, T.B. Ho, D.K. Nguyen & N.K. Pham; JMLR W&CP 25:395-410, 2012.

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Cumulative Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Ordinal Matrix Data Analysis

T. Tran, D. Phung & S. Venkatesh; JMLR W&CP 25:411-426, 2012.

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Learning From Ordered Sets and Applications in Collaborative Ranking

T. Tran, D. Phung & S. Venkatesh; JMLR W&CP 25:427-442, 2012.

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Two-way Parallel Class Expression Learning

A.C. Tran, J. Dietrich, H.W. Guesgen & S. Marsland; JMLR W&CP 25:443-458, 2012.

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Multi-Stage Classifier Design

K. Trapeznikov, V. Saligrama & D. Casta~n on; JMLR W&CP 25:459-474, 2012.

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Conditional validity of inductive conformal predictors

V. Vovk; JMLR W&CP 25:475-490, 2012.

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Spatial Locality-Aware Sparse Coding and Dictionary Learning

J. Wang, J. Yuan, Z. Chen & Y. Wu; JMLR W&CP 25:491-505, 2012.

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Multi-objective Monte-Carlo Tree Search

W. Wang & M. Sebag; JMLR W&CP 25:507-522, 2012.

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Practical Large Scale Classification with Additive Kernels

H. Yang & J. Wu; JMLR W&CP 25:523-538, 2012.

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Online Rank Aggregation

S. Yasutake, K. Hatano, E. Takimoto & M. Takeda; JMLR W&CP 25:539-553, 2012.

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Multi-view Positive and Unlabeled Learning

J.T. Zhou, S.J. Pan, Q. Mao & I.W. Tsang; JMLR W&CP 25:555-570, 2012.

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