JMLR Workshop and Conference Proceedings
Volume 27: Unsupervised and Transfer Learning workshop

Workshop held at ICML 2011,
Bellevue, Washington, USA, July 2, 2011

Editors: Isabelle Guyon, Gideon Dror, Vincent Lemaire, Graham Taylor, and Daniel Silver
UTL workshop

Supplemental material (challenge, datasets, fact sheets)

ICML2011 Unsupervised and Transfer Learning Workshop
D.L. Silver, I. Guyon, G. Taylor, G. Dror & V. Lemaire;  27:1-16, 2012.
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Fundamentals and theory

Deep Learning of Representations for Unsupervised and Transfer Learning
Y. Bengio;  27:17-36, 2012.
[abs] [pdf]
Autoencoders, Unsupervised Learning, and Deep Architectures
P. Baldi;  27:37-50, 2012.
[abs] [pdf]
Information Theoretic Model Selection for Pattern Analysis
J.M. Buhmann, M.H. Chehreghani, M. Frank & A.P. Streich;  27:51-64, 2012.
[abs] [pdf]
Clustering: Science or Art?
U. von Luxburg, R.C. Williamson & I. Guyon;  27:65-80, 2012.
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Challenge contributions

Transfer Learning by Kernel Meta-Learning
F. Aiolli 27:81-95, 2012.
[abs] [pdf]
Unsupervised and Transfer Learning Challenge:
a Deep Learning Approach
G. Mesnil et al;  27:97-110, 2012.
[abs] [pdf]
Stochastic Unsupervised Learning on Unlabeled Data
C. Liu, J. Xie, Y. Ge & H. Xiong;  27:111-122, 2012.
[abs] [pdf]

Advances in transfer learning

Transfer Learning with Cluster Ensembles
A. Acharya, E.R. Hruschka, J. Ghosh & S. Acharyya;  27:123-132, 2012.
[abs] [pdf]
Divide and Transfer: an Exploration of Segmented Transfer to Detect Wikipedia Vandalism
S.-C. Chin & W.N. Street;  27:133-144, 2012.
[abs] [pdf]
Self-measuring Similarity for Multi-task Gaussian Process
K. Hayashi, T. Takenouchi, R. Tomioka H. Kashima;  27:145-154, 2012.
[abs] [pdf]
Transfer Learning for Auto-gating of Flow Cytometry Data
G. Lee, L. Stoolman & C. Scott;  27:155-166, 2012.
[abs] [pdf]
Inductive Transfer for Bayesian Network Structure Learning
A. Niculescu-Mizil & R. Caruana;  27:167-180, 2012.
[abs] [pdf]
Unsupervised dimensionality reduction via gradient-based matrix factorization with two adaptive learning rates
V. Nikulin & T.-H. Huang;  27:181-194, 2012.
[abs] [pdf]
One-Shot Learning with a Hierarchical Nonparametric Bayesian Model
R. Salakhutdinov, J. Tenenbaum & A. Torralba;  27:195-206, 2012.
[abs] [pdf]
Multitask Learning in Computational Biology
C. Widmer & G. R├Ątsch;  27:207-216, 2012.
[abs] [pdf]
Transfer Learning in Sequential Decision Problems: A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach
A. Wilson, A. Fern & P. Tadepalli;  27:217-227, 2012.
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