JMLR Workshop and Conference Proceedings: Volume 3

Causation and Prediction Challenge at WCCI 2008
June 1-6, 2008, Hong Kong

Editors: Isabelle Guyon, Constantin Aliferis, Greg Cooper, André Elisseeff, J.-P. Pellet,  P. Spirtes, and A. Statnikov.

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Supplemental material (datasets, code)

Design and Analysis of the Causation and Prediction Challenge
Isabelle Guyon, Constantin Aliferis, Greg Cooper, André Elisseeff, Jean-Philippe Pellet,  Peter Spirtes, and Alexander Statnikov; 3:1-33, 2008.
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A Strategy for Making Predictions Under Manipulation
Laura E. Brown and Ioannis Tsamardinos; 3:35-52, 2008.
[abs] [pdf]

Feature Ranking Using Linear SVM
Yin-Wen Chang and Chih-Jen Lin; 3:53-64, 2008.
[abs] [pdf]

Random Sets Approach and its Applications
Vladimir Nikulin; 3:65-76, 2008.
[abs] [pdf]

Bernoulli Mixture Models for Markov Blanket Filtering and Classification
Mehreen Saeed; 3:77:91, 2008.
[abs] [pdf]
Partial orientation and local structural learning of causal networks for prediction
Jianxin Yin, You Zhou, Changzhang Wang, Ping He, Cheng Zheng, and Zhi Geng; 3:93-105, 2008.
[abs] [pdf]
Causal and Non-Causal Feature Selection for Ridge Regression
Gavin C. Cawley; 3:107-128, 2009.

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