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JMLR Workshop and Conference Proceedings

Volume 34: The 12th International Conference on Grammatical Inference

Editors: Alexander Clark, Makoto Kanazawa, Ryo Yoshinaka




Alexander Clark, Makoto Kanazawa, Ryo Yoshinaka ; JMLR W&CP 34 :1-2, 2014

Invited Talks

Grammar Compression: Grammatical Inference by Compression and Its Application to Real Data

Hiroshi Sakamoto ; JMLR W&CP 34 :3-20, 2014

Towards a rationalist theory of language acquisition

Edward Stabler ; JMLR W&CP 34 :21-32, 2014

Accepted Papers

A Canonical Semi-Deterministic Transducer

Achilles Beros, Colin de la Higuera ; JMLR W&CP 34 :33-48, 2014

A bottom-up efficient algorithm learning substitutable languages from positive examples

François Coste, Gaëlle Garet, Jacques Nicolas ; JMLR W&CP 34 :49-63, 2014

Some improvements of the spectral learning approach for probabilistic grammatical inference

Mattias Gybels, François Denis, Amaury Habrard ; JMLR W&CP 34 :64-78, 2014

An Abstract Framework for Counterexample Analysis in Active Automata Learning

Malte Isberner, Bernhard Steffen ; JMLR W&CP 34 :79-93, 2014

Very efficient learning of structured classes of subsequential functions from positive data

Adam Jardine, Jane Chandlee, Rémi Eyraud, Jeffrey Heinz ; JMLR W&CP 34 :94-108, 2014

Learning Nondeterministic Mealy Machines

Ali Khalili, Armando Tacchella ; JMLR W&CP 34 :109-123, 2014

Maximizing a Tree Series in the Representation Space

Guillaume Rabusseau, François Denis ; JMLR W&CP 34 :124-138, 2014

Grammatical Inference of some Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars from Positive Data using Minimum Satisfiability

James Scicluna, Colin de la Higuera ; JMLR W&CP 34 :139-152, 2014

Inferring (k,l)-context-sensitive probabilistic context-free grammars using hierarchical Pitman-Yor processes

Chihiro Shibata ; JMLR W&CP 34 :153-166, 2014

Bigger is Not Always Better: on the Quality of Hypotheses in Active Automata Learning

Rick Smetsers, Michele Volpato, Frits Vaandrager, Sicco Verwer ; JMLR W&CP 34 :167-181, 2014

An example distribution for probabilistic query learning of simple deterministic languages

Yasuhiro Tajima, Genichiro Kikui ; JMLR W&CP 34 :182-192, 2014

Evaluation of selection in context-free grammar learning systems

Menno van Zaanen, Nanne van Noord ; JMLR W&CP 34 :193-206, 2014

Induction of Directed Acyclic Word Graph in a Bioinformatics Task

Wojciech Wieczorek, Olgierd Unold ; JMLR W&CP 34 :207-217, 2014