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JMLR Workshop and Conference Proceedings

Volume 63: Proceedings of The 8th Asian Conference on Machine Learning

Editors: Robert J. Durrant, Kee-Eung Kim


Front Matter


Robert J. Durrant, Kee-Eung Kim

Accepted Papers

Non-Linear Smoothed Transductive Network Embedding with Text Information

Weizheng Chen, Xia Zhang, Jinpeng Wang, Yan Zhang, Hongfei Yan, Xiaoming Li

Long Short-term Memory Network over Rhetorical Structure Theory for Sentence-level Sentiment Analysis

Xianghua Fu, Wangwang Liu, Yingying Xu, Chong Yu, Ting Wang

Enhancing Topic Modeling on Short Texts with Crowdsourcing

Xiaoyan Yang, Shanshan Ying, Wenzhe Yu, Rong Zhang, Zhenjie Zhang

Multiple Kernel Learning with Data Augmentation

Khanh Nguyen, Trung Le, Vu Nguyen, Tu Nguyen, Dinh Phung

Cost Sensitive Online Multiple Kernel Classification

Doyen Sahoo, Steven Hoi, Peilin Zhao

Localized Multiple Kernel Learning—A Convex Approach

Yunwen Lei, Alexander Binder, Urun Dogan, Marius Kloft

Linearized Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for Constrained Nonconvex Regularized Optimization

Linbo Qiao, Bofeng Zhang, Jinshu Su, Xicheng Lu

Random Fourier Features For Operator-Valued Kernels

Romain Brault, Markus Heinonen, Florence d’Alché Buc

Secure Approximation Guarantee for Cryptographically Private Empirical Risk Minimization

Toshiyuki Takada, Hiroyuki Hanada, Yoshiji Yamada, Jun Sakuma, Ichiro Takeuchi

Learning from Survey Training Samples: Rate Bounds for Horvitz-Thompson Risk Minimizers

Stephan Clemencon, Patrice Bertail, Guillaume Papa

Learnability of Non-I.I.D.

Wei Gao, Xin-Yi Niu, Zhi-Hua Zhou

Modelling Symbolic Music: Beyond the Piano Roll

Christian Walder

Improving Distributed Word Representation and Topic Model by Word-Topic Mixture Model

Xianghua Fu, Ting Wang, Jing Li, Chong Yu, Wangwang Liu

Fast Collaborative Filtering from Implicit Feedback with Provable Guarantees

Sayantan Dasgupta

Unifying Topic, Sentiment & Preference in an HDP-Based Rating Regression Model for Online Reviews

Zheng Chen, Yong Zhang, Yue Shang, Xiaohua Hu

Simulation and Calibration of a Fully Bayesian Marked Multidimensional Hawkes Process with Dissimilar Decays

Kar Wai Lim, Young Lee, Leif Hanlen, Hongbiao Zhao

A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach for Multi-label Classification

Vu Nguyen, Sunil Gupta, Santu Rana, Cheng Li, Svetha Venkatesh

Hierarchical Probabilistic Matrix Factorization with Network Topology for Multi-relational Social Network

Haoli Bai, Zenglin Xu, Bin Liu, Yingming Li

Learning Feature Aware Metric

Han-Jia Ye, De-Chuan Zhan, Xue-Min Si, Yuan Jiang

Multitask Principal Component Analysis

Ikko Yamane, Florian Yger, Maxime Berar, Masashi Sugiyama

Learning Distance Metrics for Multi-Label Classification

Henry Gouk, Bernhard Pfahringer, Michael Cree

Bank of Weight Filters for Deep CNNs

Suresh Kirthi Kumaraswamy, PS Sastry, Kalpathi Ramakrishnan

Deep Gate Recurrent Neural Network

Yuan Gao, Dorota Glowacka

Collaborative Recurrent Neural Networks for Dynamic Recommender Systems

Young-Jun Ko, Lucas Maystre, Matthias Grossglauser

Echo State Hoeffding Tree Learning

Diego Marron, Jesse Read, Albert Bifet, Talel Abdessalem, Eduard Ayguade, José Herrero

Proper Inner Product with Mean Displacement for Gaussian Noise Invariant ICA

Liyan Song, Haiping Lu

An Efficient Approach for Multi-Sentence Compression

Elaheh ShafieiBavani, Mohammad Ebrahimi, Raymond K. Wong, Fang Chen

Geometry-aware stationary subspace analysis

Inbal Horev, Florian Yger, Masashi Sugiyama

EcoICA: Skewness-based ICA via Eigenvectors of Cumulant Operator

Liyan Song, Haiping Lu