JMLR Publication - Final Steps

Congratulations! Your paper has been accepted for publication to JMLR - now what?

For the final steps, you will interact with the Production Editor (currently Charles Sutton -

Once your action editor approves your paper, you must
  1. Look very carefully at the instructions for formatting, to make sure you have followed them all (the slightly-out-of-date authors guide has some examples of what not to do. To further make our lives easier and earn good karma:
  2. Email the production editor a compressed archive of the entire paper source (including figures, .bib file, and customizations you've inflicted on jmlr2e.sty, etc). Make sure you've filled in the submission date. If the paper was revised and resubmitted, please note that too. Don't worry about page numbers - the production editor will fill those in while generating the final copy. If you don't receive confirmation that it's been received within 48 hours, send a separate email message to inquire - some paper archives are large and some mailers choke on large messages. Authors of MLOSS papers should follow the additional instructions listed here.
  3. Fill out the permission to publish form (plain text and PDF formats), sign it and send the scanned PDF file to If your publication includes executable software, you must also send a software release form (PostScript and PDF).
  4. Expect that, within a week or two, the production editor or proofer will ask you to review a proposed final draft. Please do this as soon as possible - once a paper has been sequenced and assigned page numbers, nothing behind it in the queue can be sequenced until it's been approved and published. Your fellow researchers will thank you.
  5. Wait for the publication announcement to arrive by email, sit back, and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

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