JMLR Special Issue on Variable and Feature Selection

An Introduction to Variable and Feature Selection     (Kernel Machines Section)
Isabelle Guyon, André Elisseeff; 3(Mar):1157--1182, 2003.
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Distributional Word Clusters vs. Words for Text Categorization     (Kernel Machines Section)
Ron Bekkerman, Ran El-Yaniv, Naftali Tishby, Yoad Winter; 3(Mar):1183--1208, 2003.
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Extensions to Metric Based Model Selection
Yoshua Bengio, Nicolas Chapados; 3(Mar):1209--1227, 2003.
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Dimensionality Reduction via Sparse Support Vector Machines     (Kernel Machines Section)
Jinbo Bi, Kristin Bennett, Mark Embrechts, Curt Breneman, Minghu Song; 3(Mar):1229--1243, 2003.
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Benefitting from the Variables that Variable Selection Discards
Rich Caruana, Virginia R. de Sa; 3(Mar):1245--1264, 2003.
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A Divisive Information Theoretic Feature Clustering Algorithm for Text Classification     (Kernel Machines Section)
Inderjit S. Dhillon, Subramanyam Mallela, Rahul Kumar; 3(Mar):1265--1287, 2003.
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An Extensive Empirical Study of Feature Selection Metrics for Text Classification
George Forman; 3(Mar):1289--1305, 2003.
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Sufficient Dimensionality Reduction    (Kernel Machines Section)
Amir Globerson, Naftali Tishby; 3(Mar):1307--1331, 2003.
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Grafting: Fast, Incremental Feature Selection by Gradient Descent in Function Space     (Kernel Machines Section)
Simon Perkins, Kevin Lacker, James Theiler; 3(Mar):1333--1356, 2003.
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Variable Selection Using SVM based Criteria     (Kernel Machines Section)
Alain Rakotomamonjy; 3(Mar):1357--1370, 2003.
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Overfitting in Making Comparisons Between Variable Selection Methods
Juha Reunanen; 3(Mar):1371--1382, 2003.
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MLPs (Mono Layer Polynomials and Multi Layer Perceptrons) for Nonlinear Modeling
Isabelle Rivals, Léon Personnaz; 3(Mar):1383--1398, 2003.
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Ranking a Random Feature for Variable and Feature Selection
Hervé Stoppiglia, Gérard Dreyfus, Rémi Dubois, Yacine Oussar; 3(Mar):1399--1414, 2003.
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Feature Extraction by Non Parametric Mutual Information Maximization     (Kernel Machines Section)
Kari Torkkola; 3(Mar):1415--1438, 2003.
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Use of the Zero Norm with Linear Models and Kernel Methods     (Kernel Machines Section)
Jason Weston, André Elisseeff, Bernhard Schölkopf, Mike Tipping; 3(Mar):1439--1461, 2003.
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